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October 4, 2020

After completing both the Manhattan and Veritas classes for both the GMAT and GRE respectively, I was still struggling to score above the 75th percentile overall and was close to settling for my score and whatever school would accept me. An admissions consultant gave me Dan’s information. We spoke on the phone and he convinced me that my goals were attainable if I just had the right help.

I worked with him for 15 hours and he broke the concepts down like I hadn’t seen before. He started by testing me across a variety of topics and we found weak spots I never knew I had. In my previous studying efforts, I had been just another student in classes of 15 people or more and didn’t have an opportunity for a one on one analysis of exactly what I did and did not understand. What a difference Dan made! I was actually a little embarrassed to realize that I had paid thousands of dollars for other courses and still hadn’t been taught to, for example, break numbers down into prime factors for divisibility problems. We started by going through my weak areas: number properties, probability, etc., and then moved through his recommended course of study. Every hour we met was dense with material and there was so much information coming my way I had to rewatch out lessons multiple times to digest everything. We met via Zoom and I really benefited from seeing everything he writes on the screen as we work through a problem and then being able to rewatch it late. When he felt I was ready, I started working in practice tests and my scores jumped every time!

He taught me to study differently- to study for content mastery instead of just doing problems here and there. I would describe his method as not so much tutoring but an entirely personalized class designed for an individual. I’m so glad I found him. After 2 months of studying with him I finally scored 10 points above my original goal score and was accepted to 2 of my top 5 schools. I cannot recommend Dan and his method highly enough and I recommend reaching out to him before you pay for any course. Thank you so much Dan!